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An introduction to Sauna Camp

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Are you looking for a unique and refreshing wellness experience? Look no further than Sauna Camp in Excelsior, MN. At Sauna Camp, we offer the thrill of cold plunges in the frozen waters of Lake Minnewashta, combined with the rejuvenating power of wood-fired saunas that are placed directly on the frozen lake ice. Our focus on community and personal growth sets us apart from other wellness businesses in the industry by creating a camp-like community of people who are not jus trying to "survive the winter" but embrace it.

Interior view of a sauna with cedar benches and a hot stove beautifully covered in rocks

Sauna Camp might seem like a retreat, but...

it actually is a memberships and day passes-based experience for individuals who are looking for regular challenges and connections around the Twin Cities. It's a place where personal growth and community thrive. Whether you're a seasoned sauna-goer or a first-timer, Sauna Camp welcomes everyone to embrace the beauty of the frozen Minnesota landscape and push their limits.

People can come one time for a fun date night or a family outing, or you can become a member and come every day, all season!

The experience

STEP 1: Sauna Camp has over 10 saunas that are placed directly on the ice of Lake Minnewashta (when it is frozen). Here you can warm your frozen limbs and get your heart pumping.

STEP 2: Once you have met your match with the heat, cool off by jumping in a hole cut out from the frozen lake. You will be able to stand and touch the bottom of the lake bed with your feet so don't worry about swimming capabilities. Are you not quite ready for a cold plunge? You can always roll around in the snow or just stand outside in the below-freezing air to more slowly cool off.

Imagine standing at the door of your sauna, overlooking a frozen lake, steam rising from the top of your head and into the frigid air. You're surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals, all seeking a challenge and connection. Some are preparing to jump into the icy water for a cold plunge, while others are already submerged up to their necks. The atmosphere of Sauna Camps is about meeting people wherever they are in their journey and creating a safe place for relaxation and recovery, with a whole bunch of laughs along the way.


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