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How to prepare for your Sauna Camp session

Updated: Jan 12

What to bring:

  • A water bottle

  • Bathing suit

  • A towel

  • Foot protection like water shoes, wool socks for the cold plunge Read about that HERE. Also consider bringing flip flops or slides to get you from the sauna to the plunge and back.

  • Traction shoes (like sandals, crocs, birkenstocks, keens, etc.)

  • A spirit of adventure

1. Come Prepared: Make sure to bring at the very least a bathing suit, towel and a water bottle for your Sauna Camp booking. Those are crucial elements for both your experience and overall safety. Both sauna and cold plunges are physically intense processes so rehydrating with water and an electrolyte mixture is the best way to refuel and replenish your body's salts and minerals.

Foot protection is required to plunge with us (like water shoes or thick wool socks). We also recommend waterproof gloves if temperatures are below freezing. These options protect your feet from the elements, and also make the cold exposure a bit more easeful. Every time you go into the water, you should bring a buddy with you. The weather is very cold here and we want to maintain the highest degree of safety. Also, bring a pair of slip-

2. Embrace the Cold: The cold plunge may seem intimidating at first, but give it a try! Remember that it is an integral part of the hot-cold-therapy experience. Embrace the cold and let it invigorate your body and mind.

Not ready for a full plunge quite yet? You can always roll around in the snow, put some snow or ice on your face and neck, or just stand around in the cold air to slowly cool off.

3. Connect with Others: Sauna Camp is all about community, so don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with your fellow sauna-goers. Share your experiences, listen to others' stories, and embrace the connections that form during your visit.

4. Listen to Your Body: In traditional Scandinavian cultures, a sauna practice is very definitively not a contest. Go at your own pace to make the most of your personal hot-cold-therapy practice. Get out of the plunge or sauna if you are feeling lightheaded, dizzy, or compromised at all. Please alert the staff if you have any heart conditions or any ongoing medical conditions that we should know about. Sauna Camp offers a truly unique and refreshing experience in the frozen Minnesota landscape. Whether you're seeking personal growth, a sense of community, or simply a rejuvenating wellness experience, Sauna Camp has something for everyone. So, why not challenge yourself, connect with others, and embrace the beauty of the frozen Minnesota at Sauna Camp?


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