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Buy a Sauna

Take camp home with you

Whether you're looking to start your own mobile sauna business or are looking for a mobile or custom unit for your own home or cabin, we have you covered. 

Sauna Camp Minnesota can provide you with exclusive pricing on saunas of all types & sizes including custom home build from several of our local builder partners. 

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2-6 Person Barrel Sauna Kits

If you're looking for something smaller and more entry-level, Sauna Camp is an affiliate for another USA-based builder that can deliver kits straight to your door that can be built in a day. The wood is milled and crafted by a team of Amish and Finn-American craftsmen and come in 2-Person & 6-Person versions with WiFi-connected Huum sauna stoves included in your purchase & delivery.

Mobile Cedar Barrel Saunas

6-12 person premium mobile barrel saunas made with cedar, your choice of wood-burning or electric stove, and the signature Japanese wood-burning technique called Shou Sugi Ban to preserve the exterior wood & protect your sauna from the harsh elements. All mobile barrel saunas can be custom built, just book a call or fill out the form below to inquire. 

Clear Mobile Saunas

This unique, patent-pending sauna design from another one of our local build partners, come in an ultra-light mobile or stationary version and is built with shatterproof, thermo-material designed to weather the harsh environments and high temperatures. Lined with pine or western red cedar and can also be built to spec, just book a call or fill out the form below to inquire.

Custom Home Sauna

Take sauna camp home with you. 

Book a discovery design session with our team by filling out the form below to inquire about customer sauna builds to create your backyard oasis.

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