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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Mar 13

Some common questions and answers about Sauna Camp that you might need to know to make your experience as seamless as possible.

What should I bring to Sauna Camp?

Can I reschedule my time slot?

Are there towels for me to borrow or rent?

Is there water available on site?

How do I get to Sauna Camp?

Where should I park?

Are there bathrooms or changing rooms near the saunas and cold plunges?

What is the accessibility like for people with disabilities or physical differences?

Does my membership or multi-visit pack cover private saunas?

If I buy a 5-pack or 10-pack pass or a season pass, how do I redeem them?

Where do I find my member ID?

How do I redeem a gift card?

Are kids allowed at Sauna Camp?

Can we bring food or alcohol to our sauna session?

What is your cancellation policy?


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